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Meet our game changers

Meet the people behind our product! They work hard every day to change the game and create a happy work life for our customers and partners. "Meet the Game Changers" is a series about the humans behind Workspace 365, read their stories below.

Meet our game changers and read their stories

Tjibbe Vissers

Lead Partner Account Executive

Mark Grasmayer

Chief Evangelist

Wesley de Graaf

Head of Product

Willem van Mheen

Cloud Engineer

Merel Saarloos

Product Marketeer

Sarah van den Born

Head of Talent & HR

Liam Landman

Account Executive

Grietje Klapwijk

Product Owner

Vincent Riedstra

Head of Success

Jarno Viveen

Growth intern

Meet Rachelle Visser

Education Advisor UK

Meet Merel Saarloos

Product Marketeer

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