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Workspace 365

Founded in 2010, Workspace 365 has always strived to simplify your working day. And we don't just do this by developing the best adaptive workspace. We embrace simplicity in everything we do; from the way we collaborate with each other and our customers and partners, to the services we offer. Because there is no time for nonsense: there are more important things to do.

At Workspace 365, we’re on a mission. We aim to deliver simplicity to the world of digital work. We know that when everything is simplified, people are happier and more productive.

What’s more, collaboration grows. It’s easier to inspire, share and achieve goals. We’ve done some remarkable things – and plan to do more – but we’re human. In this team, that’s what we want. We’re not looking for perfection.

We want people ready to learn, to own and to improve.

These are our kind of people.

Workspace 365 is inclusive, responsible, ambitious, fun, challenging and supportive, with core values that underpin both our growth and yours.

About Workspace 365

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