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The Growth circle drives the growth of Workspace 365 through new customers. We have set ourselves a goal: creating a happy work life for people who really matter. We do this by looking, together with our contact person, at how Workspace365 can give the users of the organization a happy work life. We really are the experts and work as a team on beautiful results every day. The Growth circle consists of three teams: partner, Account Executive and SDR, but together we have one task! 'We', that is especially important. Because together we get better, together we succeed and therefore we have goals WITH each other.


Accountmanager (channel sales)Nijkerk, Gelderland, Nederland
International Channel ManagerNijkerk, Gelderland, Nederland
Stage - junior accountmanagerNijkerk, Gelderland, Nederland

What you want to know about the Growth Circle


That is the word that is central to this team. In size, in processes, but also growth in your development.


We work very hard together. No individual targets, but a common goal!

Work hard, play hard

There is no team where sport, fun and development are so important. Compete with each other, celebrate with each other!

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