Is it you we're looking for?

Workspace 365 is growing fast, and so is the team. But we don’t call ourselves ambitious for nothing – we want more.

That’s why in 2021, we are looking for 100 smart, fun and driven new talents to join our team. From Sales, to Development, Marketing and more. 

Are you one in a hundred? Then you’re the perfect fit.

Why we're awesome

  • Fun and driven colleagues
  • A fast-growing international company
  • Many opportunities for personal growth

Discover your colleagues and Workspace 365

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The answer to your questions

You can ask us anything about working at Workspace 365. Feel free to reach out with our Talent Spotters via

[email protected] 

Feel free to send a WhatsApp message to: +31637439808

A little something about us

What we do

We bring back focus on what's important: people and their work. With the adaptive workspace, Workspace 365, we enable people to break free from their IT restrictions and empower them to have a more productive, happier work-life.

With a team that is dedicated to succeed, we develop the fastest internationally growing digital workplace, Workspace 365. Workspace 365 simplifies and combines all your applications, information, intranet and document storage in one adaptive workspace for every organisation. 

We boost people by simplifying work with an adaptive workspace.

Who we are

With an ambitious and driven team, we dare to be unique and aim to be extraordinary. We set some big goals for ourselves, and we love to celebrate when we accomplish them. 

We are constantly creating, adapting and improving, both as a team and as individuals. This makes us adaptive, flexible and allows us to achieve an even better performance tomorrow than we did today.

And not completely unimportant, we think we're pretty fun as well :)