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Grow within Workspace 365

Who are the people behind our product and who work hard every day to create a happy work life for our customers, partners and themselves? In our "meet the game changers" series, we dive into the experience stories of our Workspace 365 colleagues.

Read here the story of our colleague Liam, working as Account Executive.

Liam completed his studies in Commercial Economics in 2020 and started at Workspace 365 as a Sales Development Representative. After just over a year, he progressed to Account Executive.  

Investing in your future 

"During my studies I did several internships where the commercial aspects always excited me. I learned that I enjoy customer contact, finding out about latent pain and adding value to a company. An Account Manager role was a good fit for that. I knew I had to start in an inside sales role to achieve this, I was keen to invest in myself and my development." 

A solid foundation 

From his role as Sales Development Representative, Liam was able to further shape his ambitions. "Of course, I was really a layman. So I started by getting to know the product and mapping out the sales cycle.  Of course I was guided well and received training, but in the end you just have to do it. Making metres! I really laid the foundation for account management in this role. I learned which in-depth questions to ask, how to refute objections and as a result I saw more and more results: almost 20 new business appointments a month. 

Program your dreams 

Liam had a clear goal when he started at Workspace 365. To grow into the position of Account Executive. "Working within a scale-up has advantages and disadvantages. I think I learned things quickly because I still had to figure a lot out for myself. But for example, there was simply no plan in place yet to grow into Account Executive. So I took the initiative myself. I started writing a plan to grow into that position. I started to watch more demos and to focus specifically on phases of the sales conversation. In this way, I was able to develop myself further. Fortunately, we are now a number of steps further on and, for example, we use your Growth Card to look together at your goals and ambitions. This allows you to take the next step in a concrete and structured way." 

Next level 

"From my new role I notice that I go more in depth. There is more attention for the content of the product, the details and therefore also the technology. I get a lot of energy from the contact with customers and to see that we, with our product and service, can really help them further. Before I only talked to a system administrator or an IT manager, you see that at the end of the sales process you also get to talk to management or the board of directors. They sometimes have very different needs or attach different values to the product. Therein lies precisely the challenge. Finding out latent needs from different people in the DMU. 

Being a team is much more than just hard work 

A new role brings new energy, but the team is something that also makes Liam very happy. "We really value each other as a team. We have a common goal and know that we need to invest in each other, both professionally and privately. For example, we recently did military training at the initiative of someone in the team and I sometimes go to the pub at the weekend to drink a beer with a colleague. Things like Mudmasters and a skiing vacation are organized by the organization, but we also think up things ourselves with the sales team, outside of work, to get to know each other better. We work hard, are critical of each other and dare to give feedback to improve. We optimize and professionalize quickly and I am very proud of that!" 

Liam Landman

Account Executive

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