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Hired for his drive and ambition

Who are the people behind our product and who work hard every day to create a happy work life for our customers, partners and themselves? In our "meet the game changers" series, we dive into the experience stories of our Workspace 365 colleagues.

Read here the story of our colleague Mark, working as Chief Evangelist.

From a music education to head of the marketing department. Sounds crazy, but within Workspace 365 it's not that unusual. Over 8 years ago, Mark started with us as a sole marketer, with a marketing blog he set up during his music education as "proof" of his knowledge and skills. Since then he has built a marketing team with 7 talents and together they achieve a doubling of marketing results every year. 

Ambition and drive are more important than education 

"What I like best about Workspace 365 is that it looks at what people want and what drive and ambition they have. That is much more important than the actual experience or education they already have. Throughout the organization, you can see that people continue to learn and grow at a fast pace." 

Seeing and seizing opportunities 

Mark is certainly proof of that. He was given the confidence and seized the opportunity to set up the marketing of Workspace 365. "In the beginning, there were 14 of us. I was a jack of all trades. I started on marketing, was also a partner manager and also a salesperson. If someone in support was sick, I fell in there. That is no longer the case, the company has professionalized and we are moving towards specialized roles. And despite the rapid growth to 80 employees, the will to help each other and learn from each other is still there". 

Equal opportunities and opinions 

Workspace 365 offers the opportunity to develop through training or courses, as well as through each other's ideas. "What I like so much is that with us, for example, an intern doesn't just do the research for school or do rotten tasks. The research or work they do is incredibly valuable to us and we coach them in that. For example, an intern carried out market research in the education market and we were able to immediately convert the results into a campaign which ultimately led to publications in national media such as FD and Telegraaf. This is just one example as we all see the opinions within the organization as equal". 

My favorite value: Change the Game 

By putting insights into practice right away and going off the beaten path, Workspace 365 is growing incredibly fast. "I notice that there are so many passionate people working at Workspace 365. I can pull myself up by them every time. For me, that provides a great environment to work in. And we dare to do slightly different things. Change the game is not my favourite core value for nothing. Recently we had a trade fair in Utrecht where one of our colleagues was wearing a chameleon suit to attract the attention of passers-by. You may think, that is not professional. That "shouldn't" be the case. But you can also think, we are all people and your work can also be fun. So we always try to do something that other organizations don't dare to do easily and so far always with positive results!"

Mark Grasmayer

Chief Evangelist

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