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A managerial role within an international scale-up

Who are the people behind our product and who work hard every day to create a happy work life for our customers, partners and themselves? In the series "meet the game changers" we dive into the experience stories of our Workspace 365 colleagues.

Read the story of our colleague Sarah, who started as a Head of Talent & HR and working now as COO.

Working within a scale-up was not unknown to Sarah. For her, it was a conscious choice to work for such a type of organisation. What gives her energy is reflected in the culture of Workspace 365 and her role as Head of Talent & HR and later as COO. But what can you actually expect within a scale-up and the Management Team of Workspace 365?


"I have been employed at Workspace 365 since 1 January 2021. I get excited about generalist positions and few constraints. I like being able to make a real impact and see results immediately. Freedom and responsibility give me the most energy. I immediately sensed that during the job interviews I had. I was allowed to share my vision of HR and recruitment. Then I got the message: you're going to arrange it for us, right? That makes me very happy."

Trial and error

An organisation in the scale-up phase must fit you. "Within Workspace 365, we are growing very fast. Last January, the organisation still consisted of one location with 35 colleagues. Now, over a year later, we have three offices in the Netherlands, Manchester and Boston and we have 80 colleagues. This growth requires flexibility, but also a strong focus. Making choices is essential, what do I do and what do I not do. There is so much to do, but doing everything at once does not work. In my role, I am challenged to make the right choices. You have to be a strong person, but knowing that I am being challenged, I make sure that I make conscious and informed choices. And then I just do it, experiment. That gives me confidence and freedom. Of course, not everything always goes well, but making mistakes is allowed, as long as I learn from them."

Super Circle

As Head of Talent and HR, you are part of the Super Circle, also known as the Management Team of Workspace 365. "At Workspace 365, we have little hierarchy and we think that is very important. Everyone is equal and everyone's opinion counts. As Super Circle, we represent the entire company and have an overarching view of our organisational goals. We are critical of each other and keep each other on our toes. What I like about the Super Circle is that there is always laughter. We really have fun together. In addition to being responsible for your own team, you are also responsible for team-wide investments, for example. We really do decide on these together. That's how you keep on developing in terms of your business."

Committed and passioned team

As mentioned, we have little hierarchy within Workspace 365. So the lines are short, with everyone. "There are many different types of people working for us, but the passion and involvement is huge with everyone. That's the energy you feel when you walk into the office. Everyone has a positive intention and wants the best for the product and the organisation. Working together towards the best result. The drive here is truly unique."

Sarah van den Born


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