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The combination of technology and people within one organization

Who are the people behind our product and who work hard every day to create a happy work life for our customers, partners and themselves? In our "meet the game changers" series, we dive into the experience stories of our Workspace 365 colleagues.

Read here the story of our colleague Vincent, working as Head of Success.

Vincent has worked for a scale-up in the past. He is familiar with the short lines of communication, the fast switching and the enormous dynamics that play a role within such a company. What is striking about Workspace 365 according to him? The combination of the technical value and the personal aspect.

Personal attention

Workspace 365 is an organization in the IT industry, but the people are central to us. This applies both to the customer and internally. "There is a lot of attention for the human side behind the colleagues, also from the founders. I noticed this already during the job interviews. Sincere, interested and positive. This carries over to the entire organization. I started in the role of Head of Success in February 2022. In the same month, I took a ski trip to Austria with my colleagues. For me this was the confirmation that I can work with a very nice group of people. I can go to work relaxed and I dare to be vulnerable. We pay attention to each other, people are genuinely interested and keep asking how things are going, for example. Both with positive and less positive experiences. At the office, I feel that energy around me. We want to move forward together."

Striving for the best customer experience

We also place a high value on the human aspect at the customer. "The Success Circle is the face of the organization towards the customer. We always go for the best customer experience, both in the process and in the result. Together with the customer, we look for the most appropriate solution to unsuccessful work processes or frustrations. And that solution is different for everyone. People have different wishes and needs within different organizations. We focus on implementation and adoption, but also on technical issues. That combination makes our team diverse and powerful."

Working with and for each other

Workspace 365 is a flat organization, without large hierarchical layers. "With the growth of a company, you can't escape managing roles, but it's just how you carry it out. As Head of Success, I am part of the Super Circle, the Management Team, but we do it with and for each other and we all want to continue to develop. At Workspace 365, everyone can influence and make an impact. Everyone is open to new ideas, there really is an open-minded culture. A lot of freedom is given and that responsibility is taken by everyone. That also says something about the type of people who work here. Everyone feels responsible for his or her piece of the organization."

Make it simple

A fast-growing organization also brings challenges. "There have been huge strides made in recent years. There has been a lot of focus on further growth and with success. With two new, international locations and a doubling in the number of employees and end users, you also have to adjust things internally. We are critical of our own work process, always striving for the simplest path. One of our core values is not for nothing: Make it Simple. But we are also keen on connecting with our (remote & international) colleagues. Teams now consist of colleagues who work in the Netherlands and Manchester, for example. These are fun projects and great opportunities for the organization to grow and develop even further. The growth path of this organization is enormous and that is very nice to be a part of."

Vincent Riedstra

Head of Success

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