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Op afstand werken & verhuizen voor een Nederlandse Scale-up

Who are the people behind our product and who work hard every day to simplify the IT landscape by bringing all applications, business information and personal documents together in one adaptive digital workplace. In the "Meet the Game Changers" series, we dive into the experience stories of our colleagues at Workspace 365.

Read here the story of our colleague Amir, working as a Front-end Developer.

Amir, front-end developer at Workspace 365, works since July 2021 for us. As part of the product team, he maximize the impact of people who make the difference by conquering complexity to simplify work-life. This is by far the most important objective for Workspace 365 and for Amir. Our adaptive digital workplace is aimed at making the working day simpler and more productive and reducing IT frustrations in the workplace.

From his own experience, he knew how frustrating it could be to work with all kind of different apps, inlog procedures and not updated applications. "When I saw the mission and product of Workspace 365, I knew I could make an impact with my work. So, I applied."

Learning culture

During the recruitment process, Workspace 365 organize a challenge, related to task and responsibilities for the position. "During the "challenge" in the recruitment process I learned already some new technical insights. From that moment, I knew this was a place where I could continue to develop myself. And because I did my research and knew the product and mission of the organization, I was really happy when I heard I could start as a front-end developer. Nowadays, I can still develop myself all the time and the atmosphere within the team is really open, friendly and not judging. We are all working together to create the best Adaptive Digital Workplace."


Amir started to work fully remotely for us from Iran, but August 2022 he came to The Netherlands. "When I worked remote in Iran, I didn't miss the connection with my colleagues. The mindset of the team is focused on remote working, and we had sometimes remote activities. That was nice! Now, I live in Nijkerk and can come to the office whenever I want to. I can get easily information from my colleagues, connect with other departments and have lunch together. I'm personally really happy to made this step and appreciate the opportunity Workspace 365 gave me."

Amir Ghadimi

Front-end developer

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