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Finding your first "real" job after your internship

Who are the people behind our product and who work hard every day to simplify the IT landscape by bringing all applications, business information and personal documents together in one adaptive digital workplace. In the "Meet the Game Changers" series, we dive into the experience stories of our colleagues at Workspace 365.

Read here the story of our colleague Reinier, working as Digital Workplace Expert.

Taking an internship at Workspace 365 and then being able to start your first job straight away. That happened to Reinier. The biggest lesson he learnt? Everyone is equal! Wondering where that came from and how he experienced it? Then read on.

Pre boarding

Even before Reinier had started at Workspace 365, he had already increased his LinkedIn network. "What I really enjoyed seeing were the LinkedIn connection requests from colleagues even before I had started. When it was finally time for me to start, I stepped into the office and everyone greeted me with: Hi Reinier! It's super personal and that made me feel at ease right away."


When Reinier started and was immediately assigned a buddy for him. "I really liked having a buddy besides my manager, who I could go to for questions. Nothing was too crazy and I felt very heard and understood. This way, I was taken step-by-step through the product and sales approach within Workspace 365."


After Reinier's internship, a contract was waiting for him. "During my internship, I felt the added value I could bring to the team and to the organisation. That is very nice. I grew as a person and professionally and I am proud that this led to a contract."

Working with friends

Everyone's onboarding includes a meeting with Erik, the founder of Workspace 365. "I thought I would have a very formal conversation with 'the big boss'. But it was a super fun informal conversation about the growth of Workspace 365 and how the organisation has developed. On a personal level, everyone clicks super well. The role is probably similar to other companies, so then culture makes all the difference. We work hard, encourage each other in the team but also like to clear our heads at the table tennis table. A super fine balance."

Development and growth

Getting a contract is one thing. But signing a contract, is two. "I was keen to continue working within Workspace 365. I learned here that everyone is equal, regardless of experience or background. My opinion counts too, even when I was an intern. I am looked after within the company. That is very important to me! Together with me, they look at the next steps within the organisation and as long as I continue to grow and enjoy going to work, I am completely happy."

Reinier Bakker

Digital Workplace Expert

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