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Welcome to the Netherlands

Who are the people behind our product and who work hard every day to simplify the IT landscape by bringing all applications, business information and personal documents together in one adaptive digital workplace. In the "Meet the Game Changers" series, we dive into the experience stories of our colleagues at Workspace 365.

Read here the story of our colleague Roman, working as QA Engineer.

Roman started at Workspace 365 in April 2013. That means he is almost celebrating his 10-year anniversary with us! And we are very happy about that. Roman works as a QA engineer in the Product team and started his Workspace 365 career in Ukraine at the time. Nowadays, he lives with his wife and dog in the Netherlands. Wondering how he experienced working remotely for a Dutch tech start-up for a long period and then moving to a completely new country? Read his story here!

How it all started

Workspace 365 had in 2013 an office in Ukraine, which Roman became part of. He got to know the organisation through a friend. "I had studied IT, but I was not working in the industry at that time. I heard that Workspace 365 was looking for a QA engineer and they gave me the opportunity to develop myself in this role."

Everything simplified

As a QA engineer, Roman is responsible for testing our product. "I test all new features. I examine whether it works well, whether it goes together with the other integrations within the application and ensure the quality we stand for. I also check if it is user-friendly and if the look and feel fits for example. I really enjoy my job because you really look at the product and are constantly working on improvements."

Working remotely

Roman has seen the development of the product over the past few years, but also the organisation. Because working in a Dutch start-up, what is that like? "I started off course at the office in Ukraine. Then it became a remote position. I visited the Netherlands once or twice a year. That was great fun and made me feel connected to the organisation. The annual Botter trip is something that will be remembered for life."


Many different nationalities work within the Product team at Workspace 365. "It's a nice team to work in. You learn a lot from the different cultures, but you can also talk to each other sometimes about the crazy habits of the Dutchies. In addition, many colleagues in the team work completely remotely. But also the work process is very pleasant. It is really special to see how we work together for improvements. No one is condemned when a mistake is made, but we really look at the solution. That creates a safe environment where you can learn a lot."


In 2022, Roman moved to the Netherlands with his wife and dog. "The reason for the move was terrible, but I am having a good time in the Netherlands. I am learning the language, step by step, like "goedemorgen and dankjewel", I can bike to the office and I experience the people as very hospitable. Workspace 365 made a major contribution in the paperwork and to make the move possible and I am very grateful for that."

Roman Zabrovskiy

QA Engineer

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