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The woman in the Product team

Who are the people behind our product and who work hard every day to create a happy work life for our customers, partners and themselves? In the series "behind the desk" we dive into the experience stories of our Workspace 365 colleagues.

Grietje is a Product Owner, read her story below.

For 12 years, Grietje worked with great pleasure and passion at the same organization. In March 2021, she made the move to Workspace 365 and joined the Product team as Product Owner.


If Grietje were to make the transition to another organization, she knew it would be Workspace 365. "The product that Workspace has developed is incredibly innovative and remains in constant development. In addition, it is a young, flexible and enthusiastic organization. That combination got me interested."

Giving your own interpretation of your function

Within Workspace 365, Grietje was given the space to develop herself further. "Before I started, the role of Product Owner was filled part-time and temporarily. It had been a long time since anyone had thrown themselves into it full-time. That had advantages and disadvantages. For example, some things were left unfinished, but I could also fill the position myself. Together we defined the function and I collected the wishes of the team. That provided structure and freedom and gave me the opportunity to pick up more and more work and make it my own. When I look back on the first year that I have worked here, we have really become a lot more professional and we have made great strides in planning, among other things."

Looking back

Looking back is a good thing to do anyway. Everything happens so quickly within Workspace 365 that you sometimes almost forget how much has been achieved. "The Product team of course has a lot of influence on the development of the Workspace. You are really very close to the fire. Because we work on agile principles, we take time every sprint to look back and reflect on the cooperation and the results. Reflect on the collaboration and the result achieved. Then we are definitely proud with and of each other."

International team 

Saying what is going well and what could be better makes for good cooperation. That is certainly present within the Product team. "We have quite a few colleagues working abroad, but that doesn't hinder us. That actually goes very well. We are also still growing as an organization. For example, we have hired many new developers recently. You see that the colleagues who have been working at Workspace 365 for a while now are helping the new colleagues. Together, we look for ways to make the product even better. There is always a focus on the result. That works very nicely."

Women in IT

And then we touch on the subject of women in IT. "Haha, yes I don't notice that much of the fact that I am one of the few women in the Product team. I would like to see more women become part of this team. Women often think differently than men. Not better or worse, but for balance and a different vision, I think that is very valuable. So be welcome ladies, you will not be disappointed."

Grietje Klapwijk

Product Owner

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