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Doing an internship but not being an intern

Who are the people behind our product and who work hard every day to create a happy work life for our customers, partners and themselves? In our "meet the game changers" series, we dive into the experience stories of our Workspace 365 colleagues.

Read here the story of our colleague Janou, working as marketing intern.

Janou is in his final year of studying Commercial Economics at Windesheim College. His specialisation is sales. In his research with us, he combines Marketing and Sales. He shares his internship experience!

You only make one first impression

The first impression is important, as Janou agrees. "After the first contact with Workspace 365, the feeling was very good. Everyone I spoke to was very spontaneous and there was a lot of energy. That suits me as a person, so I quickly felt at ease.

at ease. I also immediately saw the table football table in the office, and even though you come here for work, it is also nice to see that there is time and space to have fun with each other."

Empower People

One of the core values of Workspace 365 is Empower People. "I really enjoyed the fact that they thought along with me about my research question. There is a lot of flexibility. Together, we looked at the best way to implement Workspace 365 and what the school wanted. For example, I only wanted to do research and not participate in it. That was fine. I still live in a student house and it's not always quiet enough at home to be able to work properly. So I was also given the opportunity to work at the office at other times or on other days if that suited me. That is super-fine!"

Internship, but not being an intern

Everyone is equal. That is very important to us. "I was very pleased that I was not treated differently from other colleagues. Sometimes you hear that as an intern you get to pick up the annoying chores, but not here. During marketing meetings, I was consciously included, because everyone's opinion was important. We also all have lunch together during the break. This makes it easy to make contact with other colleagues from other teams. It's easy to really become part of the team."

New to the software industry

Workspace 365 has a technical solution. That can be a bit tricky at first. "I didn't have much knowledge of or experience with IT, so it can be difficult to master the product. Fortunately, I received a lot of help from the team. Both within my own marketing team, but also from other circles. You can drop in on anyone. That ensured that I eventually had enough information I had enough information for my thesis and was able to complete my internship."

Janou Smid

Intern marketing circle

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