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A sales internship at a scale-up

Who are the people behind our product and who work hard every day to simplify the IT landscape by bringing all applications, business information and personal documents together in one adaptive digital workplace. In the "Meet the Game Changers" series, we dive into the experience stories of our colleagues at Workspace 365.

Read here the story of our colleague Jarno, working as Digital Workplace Expert.

Jarno is studying commercial economics at the Windesheim college in Zwolle. The last year of his studies consists of an internship, in which he works within the Growth (sales) team during the first half year and conducts research during the second half year.

The start for your sales career

During his internship in the second year of his study, Jarno came into contact with sales. It was a conscious choice for him to look for an internship in this field again. "I started with an internship within the Growth team, in the role of Sales Development Representative. In addition, I attended one day of college. During this period, everything was focused on sales, for example, I learned a lot about conversation techniques at school, but I was also well coached by Workspace 365. We had daily call training and listened back to many conversations. I received tips and feedback and there was also room to share my ideas with others. I was able to apply everything immediately in practice, which showed me that I was developing myself commercially. The position of Sales Development Representative is often underestimated, but turning nothing into chocolate is easier said than done. It provides a very good basis."

Everyone is equal

Within Workspace 365, as an intern you are equal to all other colleagues. "You really get your own responsibility, your own tasks and deadlines. In this way you really contribute to the further growth of the organization and that feels very good. You also get your own growth plan. I would like to grow into the position of Account Executive and we are also working on that together. "

Contributing to the bigger picture

Meanwhile, Jarno is working on his research internship. For this, he is taking a close look at the sales process. "I'm currently looking at sales cycles, specifically focused on the healthcare sector. I'm examining the actions we take, what values and interests the customer has and how that fits in with our value proposition. I am writing up my findings in an advisory report, with the aim of making the sales process more efficient. The subject is very relevant and topical for Workspace 365, so that gives me extra motivation. I am sure I will be of added value with this research."

From investing to racing

Apart from the work, Jarno is also in a good place when it comes to company culture. "Workspace 365 has an enormously informal atmosphere. Within the Growth team, it feels like I'm actually working with friends. We get along well both professionally and privately. We know what is going on with each other. I regularly spar with a colleague about investing, because that's what we both do. But there are also a number of colleagues outside the Growth team who like racing, for example. So sometimes we organize an evening on the PlayStation together. That's how you easily connect with each other. I would really recommend an internship at Workspace 365 if you like can appreciate freedom, responsibility and a fun company culture!

Jarno Viveen

Growth intern

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