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Opportunities and possibilities in sales within Workspace 365

Who are the people behind our product and who work hard every day to simplify the IT landscape by bringing all applications, business information and personal documents together in one adaptive digital workplace. In the "Meet the Game Changers" series, we dive into the experience stories of our colleagues at Workspace 365.

Read here the story of our colleague Stan, working as Digital Workplace Expert.

Immediately after completing his education, Stan started at Workspace 365 as a Digital Workplace Expert. Ready to start applying his sales and marketing knowledge in the workplace. Why did he choose Workspace 365 and what does it mean to him to work within a scale-up?


 "I was comfortable with the organisation's culture and values. Which basically means working hard, but also having fun. So setting goals, reflecting on your work, providing each other with feedback, but also relaxing and playing a game of table tennis. That suits me as a person."

You learn                                                                                                                          

Stan has been able to develop himself fast within the organisation. Creating opportunities himself and gaining confidence is central to this. "The first six months went extremely fast. I was able to learn a lot about interview techniques and got to know the product and the different sectors we operate in. As the organisation continued to grow, so did the team. There was a need for a team captain, someone who was responsible for providing call training and developing of the team. That is what I was asked to do."

Let's go! An opportunity he grabbed with both hands. "I have never hidden the fact that I wanted to develop myself in the field of leadership. I couldn't wait to take up this new challenge. I really enjoyed being given new responsibilities. This way, I also got the appreciation and trust from the organisation for my work, which was very nice. In the new role, I learned to address people when there was room for improvement, but also to compliment them when you see growth and development."

Everything simplified 

When the organisation changes, processes change with it. Not entirely automatically, of course. "For example, there was not yet a process for prospects that would not immediately become a deal. In consultation with the team lead, I drew up a process whereby our team would pick up the relationship management of these prospects. This in turn also changed my role and that of the team. Something that is not there yet, but where there is a need, can be implemented quickly within a scale-up. And the fact that you can yourself can make a contribution to that gives a lot of satisfaction." 

Never a dull moment 

In recent months, Workspace 365's sales strategy has changed. With a full focus on indirect sales, via partners, Stan's role is changing. "Before, we focused on making appointments with end customers. That was really focused on selling. Now we focus more on "teaching" organisations. Through market information, webinars or discovery meetings, we focus on creating awareness. This change in turn creates new responsibilities in my role. The depth and independence in customer conversations is an example of this. In this way, I continue to develop continuously within the organisation. Never a dull moment!"

Stan van den Brink

Digital Workplace Expert

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