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Growing from intern to Head of Product

Who are the people behind our product and who work hard every day to create a happy work life for our customers, partners and themselves? In the series "behind the desk" we dive into the experience stories of our Workspace 365 colleagues.

Read here the story of our colleague Wesley, working as Head of Product.

Wesley has been working at Workspace 365 for over 7 years. And no, he is still not tired of it. He has been able to develop himself in different roles. For example, he started in 2014 as an intern in the support department and has progressed to Head of Product. It's all possible at Workspace 365!

Let's give it a try

"I went to do a HBO course to become a Network Engineer in 2014. That was an evening course and I wanted to gain experience. I came into contact with Hans, one of the founders of Workspace 365 and then I started full time as an intern in the support department. Back then, the office was even still in Bunschoten and there were about 12 of us in total."

Freedom and responsibilities

After graduating, Wesley decided to stay with Workspace 365. "I started my own business while getting my diploma, I was still working at my side job on Saturdays and I wanted to focus more on Workspace 365. That was quite a lot, so I quit my side job so I could focus entirely on Workspace 365. The freedom and responsibility that I got were decisive. I really wanted to develop myself further within this company."

Transparancy is key

And Wesley has made that development. He progressed to Technical Success Maker, set up the entire operations side, brought new integrations to the product and temporarily fulfilled the role of Product Owner. Now Wesley has been in the role of Head of Product for over 1.5 years. "I don't want to do the same job for too long, then I get less motivated. The nice thing about Workspace 365 is that it grows incredibly fast. Even back then. So different opportunities presented themselves every time. I actually grew organically with the organization. As long as you are open and transparent, then you can always look for opportunities together within this company."

Growing (pains)

Workspace 365 has continued to evolve in recent years. "Of course, Workspace 365 is different now than it was seven years ago. Meanwhile, we have about 80 colleagues, we work in the Netherlands, England and America and we have a team with colleagues all over the world. We are still growing, sometimes we have to take a step back to guard our culture and keep the level high. We are still learning from and with each other every day."


Both on a personal and professional level, Workspace 365 offers opportunities. "I am very proud of the development I have been able to make within Workspace 365. I currently know what I want, what I can do and am a lot more self-aware and confident than I was when I first walked in here. I've also learned an awful lot from the Scale-Up method we use and implement."

Program your dreams

"I already have a lot of memories of my time at Workspace 365. The growth of the company and, of course, the development of the product are at the top of the list. I am curious what the upcoming period will bring. I'm not done here yet and dare to dream about new opportunities in the future."

Wesley de Graaf

Head of Product

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