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A sales internship at a scale-up

Who are the people behind our product and who work hard every day to create a happy work life for our customers, partners and themselves? In our "meet the game changers" series, we dive into the experience stories of our Workspace 365 colleagues.

Read here the story of our colleague Jarno, working as Growth Intern.

Youri is studying business administration at the Hogeschool Utrecht and is in his final year. In order to successfully complete his studies, Youri was asked to carry out an improvement assignment at an organisation. He chose Workspace 365 and we were very happy with that. Fortunately, so was he!

How it al started...

"It is actually funny how I ended up at Workspace 365. I was approached for a great job by someone from the Talent Team. It did not fit at that time, because I was still studying, but I was looking for an internship. We then started talking about it. During the talks, a lot was explained about Workspace 365 as an organisation. This made the software industry a little more tangible for me, because I really didn't know anything about it yet. Together, we then formulated an assignment and mapped out a project plan."

The project

Youri then set to work on a question about the cooperation between Workspace 365 and our partners. "Within Workspace 365, we work with different sales channels. On the one hand, we deliver directly to the customer, but we also frequently work with partners at home and abroad. I looked at the possibility of optimising the cooperation. That means better training and guidance for the partner, so that we can indirectly help the customer better. I interviewed several partners to find out where their needs lay, where problems arose and what we could improve about the cooperation. Based on this information, I drafted a 2 pager, where the partner can find important information and an explanation of expectations of the cooperation."

Personal development

It's clear that Youri has made a great contribution to the cooperation with partners. He has also been able to develop himself further and get to know the organisation well. "I learned a lot from the interviews with partners, the internal success meetings and the drafting of the 2 pager. I was allowed to get involved everywhere, ask questions and give my opinion. This enabled me to gather and share knowledge across the entire organisation. I will take that with me for the rest of my career. There is even a chance that I will return to Workspace 365 after my studies. That is totally win-win!"

Full responsibility

If, after your want to come back to work at Workspace 365 after your traineeship, then it cannot than be successful. "I had a great time. The energy and enthusiasm of everyone is so great. I have also never felt any distinction felt between me and other colleagues. I was fully part of the team, with my own responsibilities, which really added value to the the organisation's objectives."

Youri van den Berg

Intern success circle

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